Hands-On Parent Empowerment

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Date of Submission : 2011/8/2

Title of project

Hands-On Parent Empowerment


To equip socially disadvantaged parents with the skills to promote the development of their children, so they could take responsibility for their children’s development.

Service target

New immigrant parents with preschool children

Brief description of project

The program consisted of 30 sessions and covered behaviour management skills and learning skills.
Parents participated in weekly sessions which lasted for two hours. The sessions consisted of min-lectures, discussions and role-play. Parents were given worksheets as homework and they had to work with their children on the worksheet activities everyday during the week. A detailed manual with lecture notes, parent handout, powerpoint slides and worksheets are available.

Evidence base of the project

The effectiveness of the program was evaluated using randomized controlled trial design. Participants included 120 Chinese new immigrant parents with preschool children in Hong Kong from 13 preschools which were randomized into intervention group (HOPE) and comparison group (6-session parent education program). Parent participants completed measures on child behavior, parenting stress, social support and self-efficacy before and after intervention. The children were assessed on the WPPSI-R and receptive vocabulary before and after parent intervention. Results indicated significant decrease in post-intervention child behavior problems and parenting stress and increase in social support in the intervention group, compared with the comparison group.

Leung, C., Tsang, S. & Dean, S. (2011). Outcome Evaluation of the Hands-On Parent Empowerment (HOPE) Program. Research on Social Work Practice, 21, 549-561.

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Leung, C., Tsang, S., Dean, S. & Chow, P. (2009). Development and pilot evaluation of the “Hands on Parent Empowerment” (HOPE) project – a parent education programme to establish socially disadvantaged parents as facilitators of preschool children’s learning. Journal of Children’s Services, 4, 23-34.

Contact information for more details

Name of Contact Person : Dr. Cynthia Leung / Dr. Sandra Tsang

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Email Address : cynthia.leung@vu.edu.au / sandratsang@hku.hk

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