Master’s Programme in Educational Psychology of the University of Hong Kong

The Master’s Programme in Educational Psychology is a two-year full-time programme. The programme aims at training educational psychologists who are strong at both academic and practical work. Thus, its training is based on a scholar-practitioner model. Within the two years, students have to complete 14 compulsory academic courses, 1,500 hours of practicum and a related psychology academic research.

The 14 compulsory academic courses include “Psychoeducational Interventions”, “Children with Special Needs”, “Psychoeducational Assessment”, “Applied Developmental Psychology”, “Curriculum and Instruction”, “Motivation and Learning”, “Professionalism, Ethics and Issues in Educational Psychology”, “Research Methods and Statistics”, etc. Those courses have included essential elements in both psychology and education theories. It has also incorporated knowledge and skills for educational psychology practice. Besides studying the compulsory coursework, students have to complete their practicum in four different types of institutions. Institutions available for practicum include the Psychological Services Branch of the Education and Manpower Bureau, special schools, pre-primary educational centers, primary and secondary schools with school-based educational psychological services and the Psychological Services Unit of the University of Hong Kong. During the practicum, students are supervised by experienced educational psychologists in the related fields. They have to finish at least 1,500 hours or 180 days of practicum. Before graduation, students also have to complete academic research on educational psychology and submit a related master thesis.


Entry Requirement

To be eligible for admission to the Master’s Programme in Educational Psychology of the University of Hong Kong, a candidate shall fulfill the following requirements:

1. Hold a Bachelor’s degree with honours in Psychology or a recognized equivalent qualification;

2. Preferably have at least 2 years of relevant working experience in educational or related settings which are working for children or adolescences


Detailed information related to the Programme can be obtained directly from the Department of Psychology of the University of Hong Kong.

Address:   Room 627, 6/F Building C (Faculty of Social Sciences), Centennial Campus, HKU
Telephone:    3917 5866
Fax:    2858 3518
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