Announcement from the WISC-IV (HK) Panel

Dear DEP members,

For your information, this is an announcement of the The WISC-IV (HK) Panel: “Having succeeded the Panel on the Control of Sales and Distribution of HK-WISC in handling professional matters (except vetting user application) related to HK-WISC, the WISC-IV (HK) Panel endorses an interim measure that registered WISC-IV (HK) users are allowed to use HK-WISC for the assessment of children under age 6, subject to review by the Panel based on the availability of relevant test(s), such as WPPSI-IV (HK), in the future.” (Dated: 16.4.2012)

Thank you.

Best regards,

Charles Chan
Representative of DEP to The WISC-IV (HK) Panel